100g Natural Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones



main color: green

main material:green aventurine jade

length:app 12mm-28mm

quantity:app 18pcs-24pcs

due to the different size ,quantity may be slightly differentthe pictures

weight:app 100g

please allow error due to the hand measurement

package include:

100g green jade


*suitable for decorating flowerpots, a fish tank and demagnetizing.

*can used for crystal degaussing , crystal pillows, crystal foot bath care, housing decoration,

small stones aquarium landscape, such as hydroponic pot vase.

*helps deep hypnosis and meditation, can enhance the observation of enhance


the effect of crystal gravel:

1. crystal ornaments and other degaussing ornaments, jewelry often worn to remove the negative energy


2. fish: crystal paved with stone in the aquarium, not only pleasing, but also to maintain clean water quality,

so that the healthy growth of fish.

3. decorative: gravel magnetic field dispersion, if the container with a beautiful container or yarn bag to install it,

placed in the tv, computer,

microwave radiation can be placed next to the room can also play a magnetic energy.

4. crystal pillow: usually a crystal pillow to use about 6 kg of gravel, generally to help sleep amethyst gravel filled

mostly white crystal, crushed

stone made of crystal pillow, basically proposed magnetic field more moderate crystal is more suitable to avoid

the magnetic field is too strong

but not easy to sleep, especially in the summer with better, that is cool and help sleep!

5. cultivated plants: crystal crushed stone plant on the pot, the plant can grow healthy and lush, full of vitality,

even if the original has been

withered flowers, crystal shock after the baptism, may also be back to life.

6. crystal foot bath: with a large enough to make a foot bath, that is,the health care magnetic therapy,

massage, very comfortable!

1.the real color of the item may be slightly differentthe pictures shown on website
caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2.please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

3.please allow 1-2cm error due to the hand measurement .

4.the shape is irregular, gemstones come in an variety shape and size. if you mind this,

please contact before you buy.thank you for your cooperation.

5.the stone texture may be a little different between one and another. so you may get one similar

with the picture showed in the listing.

hope your kind understanding.

if you have any questions, please contact

wish you have a happy shopping time!

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